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Authentically African

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We are back with our very own range of West African snacks so you can enjoy the real flavours of Africa. The African Store is on a mission to make ethnic food easily accessible through out the United Kingdom as well as Northern Ireland.

Stay tuned to find out which new products will be launched in coming weeks!

African flavours at your doorstep.

Enjoy the real taste of Africa with new products being added every month.

You don't have to wait for that friend to come back from Nigeria to bring you the snacks you crave when we can ship them straight to your door!

Angolan Dried Fish Recipe: Calulu

Angolan Dried Fish Recipe: Calulu

Traditional Angolan food known as "calulu" is made with dried fish and various vegetables, most commonly okra and eggplant. It frequently uses palm oil during cooking, which gives it a distinctive flavor.
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Angolan Starch Staple: Funje

Angolan Starch Staple: Funje

Funje remained a constant fixture on the tables of Angola's varied populations as its history developed. The dish's versatility makes it the perfect match for a variety of sauces, enabling it to easily assimilate influences from Portuguese, Brazilian, and other international cuisines while still maintaining its Angolan character.
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Angolan Chicken Stew: Moamba De Galinha

Angolan Chicken Stew: Moamba De Galinha

Like many Angolan recipes, Moamba de Galinha exhibits this blending of native and Portuguese culinary influences. Red palm oil, a common ingredient in West African cooking that gives food its characteristic colour and flavour, is the crucial component that makes this dish stand out. The phrase "Moamba," which refers to the meal, is thought to have come from the Kimbundu word "mu'amba," which means "stew" or "gravy."
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