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Nkwobi (Spicy Cowfoot)

Nkwobi (Spicy Cowfoot)

Nkwobi, also known as spicy cowfoot is a beloved dish in Nigerian cuisine that is enjoyed by many. Whether you're looking to explore the rich and diverse flavors of Nigerian cuisine or simply want to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal, Nkwobi is a dish that is sure to please! The dish is typically accompanied by a cold drink or beer, and is often enjoyed with friends and family in a relaxed, social setting. Let’s get cooking! 


2 Big Cow foot Cut into Small Chunks: https://niyis.co.uk/cow-leg-foot/ 

1/2 Cup Palm oil: https://niyis.co.uk/tropical-sun-palm-oil/  

1.5 Cups Ugba/Oil Bean: https://niyis.co.uk/fronzen-ugba-200g/ 

1 Levelled Tablespoon Ground Ehuru (Calabash nutmeg seeds): https://niyis.co.uk/ehuru-seeds-60g/ 

2 Tablespoons Pepper Soup Spice: https://niyis.co.uk/niyis-pepper-soup-mix-70g/ 

1 medium Onion ( Optional): https://niyis.co.uk/fresh-red-onion/ 

3-4 Scotch Bonnet/Atarodo: https://niyis.co.uk/red-hot-scotch-bonnet-hot-pepper-100g/ 

1 Teaspoon Akawun/ Edible Potash: https://niyis.co.uk/potash-kaun-90/ 

3 Tablespoons Ground Crayfish: https://niyis.co.uk/african-sun-ground-prawn/ 


  • First, thoroughly clean, then wash and boil the cow foot on medium to high  heat.  Add enough water to boil, then add the whole onion if you’re using any. Add the Knorr cubes and salt to taste. Boil until very soft, then discard the onion. To save time, you can use a pressure cooker for this.
  • Dissolve the Akawun/Potash in a cup of stock from the boiled cow leg. 
  • Add the scotch bonnet, crayfish and the ground Ehuru into a blender, blend till smooth.
  • Transfer the boiled cow foot into another container and place the same pot back on the hob. 
  • Add the palm oil, then add Akawun mixture gradually, you’ll need the consistency to be thick and not fluid, stir till it thickens considerably. This is called the Ngo sauce. 
  • Now add the boiled cow leg, make sure the meat has cooled down first and isn’t piping hot. 
  • Now, add the blended pepper and crayfish mix, pepper soup spice and mix thoroughly.
  • Strain Ugba and add it into the pot at this time. Combine thoroughly and leave to cook for 3-5 minutes, and it’s ready!
  • Serve immediately, garnish with onion rings and thinly sliced Utazi leaves. 
  • Enjoy!